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Framed Mirrors : Stunning Decor For Any Room

What's the most famous framed mirror? It's so famous that even your kids might be able to answer the question.... Need a clue? Here is a quote: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?” Yes, it's the Magic Mirror from Snow White!

If you want to make your mirrors seem more magical, like the one in Snow White, why not frame them? Visit Sutton Place Frame Shop. We offer a range of framing solutions, including photo framing.

Why Frame a Mirror?

The common use of mirrors is to view ourselves, to check our personal appearance. So what is the point of framing your mirror?

Framed or unframed, we look the same, right? Yes.... and no! A mirror helps to:

  • Brighten a room by reflecting light
  • Gives the illusion that a room is bigger

If the mirror is not covering an entire wall It is better to have it framed. Not only does this compliment the décor and make the room look better, but it makes the surrounding decor stand out more and adds a completely different appearance. A frame also helps the eye make the transition from wall to mirror more smoothly. Framed mirrors offer an additional dimension while also providing elegance to any room.

Create a Stunning Room That Looks Larger & Has More Light.

Why Choose Sutton Place Frame Shop

  • Master in the Fine Art of Mirror Framing
  • Experienced Framers
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • Unlimited Frame Styles to Choose From
  • Personalized service
  • All Work Done on Premises

Come to our mirror frame shop to get your mirror beautifully framed. We are located at 998 First Avenue, Sutton Place on the East side of Manhattan.