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Effectively Framing Your Photos For Over 75 Years

Want to frame your photos? Come to Sutton Place Frame Shop. We've been offering framing services for over 75 years. Our services include: photo framing, mirror framing, Memorabilia framing, frame restoration and more.

Create a Wall of Framed Photos

Want to create a stylish photo wall? Or, perhaps an art gallery wall? Either choice provides a unique and stylish way to display your family photos or art collection. This allows you to make a personal statement about you and your home, while providing you with the option of modifying the layout and changing up the look every once in a while.

At Sutton Place Frame Shop no job is too big or small. We can frame all the photos you need to create your wall, whether it's 3 photos of similar size or 50 photos of assorted sizes. You can select from and unlimted selection of frames to create your wall.

Unlimited Selection of Frame Styles to Create Your Unique Wall of Photos

Tips For Creating Your Own Art Gallery Wall

  • Frame it – To create a truly stylish photo display that appears professional, you need to frame all your photos. Frames not only protect art and photos from damage, but also highlight their beauty and help to create a striking impact. This also provides harmony, especially if you using matching or similar frames that compliment each otther.
  • Consider your color palette – When creating your photo wall, the colors you choose are of utmost importance. Make sure they blend harmoniously with other pictures and with the general appearance of the room. You may also consider creating a photo wall using only black and white prints to provide striking contrast.
  • Carefully consider placement – The positioning of each piece is important. Balance is essential.  Even if you can have pieces of art that vary widely in size, proper placement will provide an element of harmony that will result the proper balance and enhance their overall beauty.
  • Tell a story – The most interesting walls are those that tell a story. For instance, you could dedicate a wall to chronicling the growth of your children – their achievements and experiences. Or you could choose another wall to document your adventures from around the world.

Let our experienced framers frame your photos. Visit our shop or contact us for more information.