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Frames : Protecting Your Pictures For Years to Come

Sutton Place Frame Shop is your one-stop-shop for all your picture framing needs.

Located at 998 First Avenue, Sutton Place on the east side of Manhattan, our picture frame shop has a wide selection of frames to choose from.

Preserve & Enhance Your Artwork with Frames

Artwork is framed not only to preserve the canvas, but also to enhance it. An artwork is never complete until it has been framed. Let's take Charles Willson Peale's trompe-l'oeil Stairway. This artwork consists of two young men ascending a staircase. What makes the artwork amazing is the way it is framed – like a actual doorway with an actual step at the bottom.

The resulting effect is the transformation of the artwork into an illusion in which one believes they can pass through the artowrk into another world. Imagine taking a photo with this artwork, you would put one foot on the step and proceed as if you are climbing up as well.

Frames: Creating the Transition

Classical artwork was framed to create the transition from the physical location into the world of the painting. It completes and protects the artwork all while adding value. With years of experience you can count on us to expertly frame your picture exactly the way you want it.

Let Us Frame It Expertly For You

Why Choose Us?

  • Museum-Quality Framing
  • Wide Selection of Custom Frames – Over 3,200 Styles
  • Decades of Experience

Come to Sutton Place Frame Shop for all your framing solutions.